Brand Influencers

Do you have a large Social Media Following and love our Brand?

We are looking for Individuals that love our products as much as we do!
As a Brand Influencer, you will help promote our Brand through your social media following. 
If you think you have what it takes please Message Us with the button on the bottom right or email us!
★ Make sure to provide your @ handle when contacting us!  

Brand Influencer Requirements:

  • You will need 1K+ Social Media Followers on Instagram or Facebook

What is in it for you?

  • As an Influencer, you will receive 1 FREE 506 Apparel item in return for 1 promotion (posted for a minimum of 2 weeks). *If we are happy with the results we would love to work long-term and will further discuss a partnership.
  • You will also receive your own discount code to share with your followers so we can track your success.
  • Great way to build your resume in business, fashion, and marketing.

What would you do as a Brand Influencer? 

  1. Promote our products as you receive them to your Instagram & Facebook pages making sure to tag us @506apparel and #506Apparel in the posts. *Promotions must be posted to your accounts for a minimum of 2 weeks but we would love it if you posted them permanently!
  2. Ask your followers to follow @506apparel in your post.
  3. Post your unique 506 Apparel link in your bio for the duration of the promotion so your followers can easily shop 506 Apparel with your unique discount code. *Again, you are free to post the link for as long as you like but a minimum of 2 weeks is required per promotion.


    • Brand Influencers will receive FREE items subject to approval first.
    • Influencer participation is utilized based on necessity and may not always be available.
    • Promotions are required to be posted for a minimum of 2 weeks on your accounts but we would be more than delighted if you chose to post them permanently.
    • If you do not meet the Influencer posting requirements as listed above, you will be disqualified from future participation.